When we talk about hair thickness and volume, most of us probably think of long wavy hair. This is not surprising as most of the hair care ads we are exposed to feature women with long locks as they swish their head from side to side making us believe gorgeous hair is all rather effortless.

As wonderful as all this is, we realise that long styles don’t suit everyone, there are plenty of women out there with beautifully thick shorter styles.

A few of you may be thinking “hang on, I thought short styles were only for people with thinner or fine hair.” This isn’t the case, there are many thicker short hair styles that are on trend right now and to show you how great they look, we have compiled a list of our favorites.

#1 Chic asymmetrical Pixie

short hair cut for women 2short hair cut for women

This edgy but feminine asymmetrical Pixie cut suits every occasion. The very short side part gives an edgy statement, while the added length to the fringe gives it a very feminine touch. This cut is ideal for everyone who likes to mix it up, great worn straight or curly, either way, you’ll be looking and feeling great.

#2 Lengthy Pixie

short thick hair 3short lenghty pixie
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A lengthy Pixie is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the time to spend on their hair. This cut is pretty much self-maintaining meaning you can put minimal effort into your morning regime and still look amazing.

#3 Pixie Short Bob

short thick hair 6 pixie short bob
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This half Pixie half Bob style will give you the perfect look for all occasions. It’s elegant and classy meaning it looks great when you’re dressed up for a special occasion, and can also suit your busy day to day life. Keeping your hair shorter at the front and longer at the back with a longer side swept fringe will give your hair an even more sophisticated look.

#4 Full Bob

short thick hair 8 short thick hair 7
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If you are looking for a full and bouncy hairstyle, you should go for the bob. This new bob hides the lower layers of the style as they are cut shorter. Whether you wear it slightly longer or have it rest delicately around the nape, this hairstyle always looks flawless. If you want something slightly more contemporary combine the cut with a shattered fringe.

#5 Angled Bob

short thick hair 9angled bob
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The shorter back and longer front strands make this look a fantastic mix of fun and glamour. You can grow short angled bobs easily into long bobs – it won’t lose its sophisticated edge or shape.

For an elegant night out, add some wavy curls with a curling iron or use large rollers for that extra touch of glamour.

#6 Layered Bob

short thick hair 12 short thick hair 11
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Prefer a more classic look? A layered Bob might just be for you! A layered bob is so versatile and it’s so easy to achieve various looks with blow drying or curling. This is one of the most flattering cuts which suits almost everybody. There are no styling rules for this crop so let your imagination go wild, or if you don’t have time to spend hours in front of the mirror, you’re still safe as this cut also looks great with minimal effort.

#7 Modern Bob

image06 modern bob
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Unlike the full bob, the modern bob is shorter with many layers. Shorter on the top with longer under layers. The subtle angles from the front to the back give this style a sophisticated playful elegance. Combining this with your favourite large earrings makes this a head turning look.

#8 Blunt Bob with Fringe

short thick hair 14 short thick hair 13
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Of course you can go for a blunt cut with thick hair! The hidden under layers and blunt fringe makes this the perfect on-trend edgy look and it will look great with both, wavy or straight hair. Use a bold colour on your lips for an utterly outstanding look.

#9 A-line Bob

short thick hair 16 short thick hair 15
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The A-line bob  will never go out of fashion.This effortless romantic style is perfect for anyone who is looking for a very short, yet extremely feminine look.

The long layers and long side-swept fringe defines modern elegance. It flatters most face shapes and is the perfect crop for every woman who prefers a casual chic or sporty fashion style.

#10 Layered Short Crop

short thick hair 17 short thick hair 17

Another very classic and timeless hairstyle. This layered short crop suits all types of women, whether you want to go for an elegant, playful or cool look. Multiple layers at the back and a longer fringe at the front gives you limitless styling opportunities.