The Nanogen Thickening Treatment range forms a complete regime, developed by our very own Nanogen scientists, to help create fuller, thicker looking hair. Our hair growth maintenance protocol is made easy, even for people with the busiest of lifestyles. By following steps 1 to 4, you’ll have a thicker head of hair in no time.

Thorough cleansing without harmful agents is vital for scalp health and ensuring that your hair feels and looks its best. By using our Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo for both men and women, you can guarantee your scalp is fully prepared to absorb any topical treatments. It is even suitable for users of minoxidil products.

Now it’s time to condition the hair using our Nanogen Hair Thickening Treatment Conditioner, available for both men and women. Conditioning is important for maintaining healthy hair, as well as shine and thickness. We all know that thinning hair is more prone to becoming greasy or looking weighed down. We, at Nanogen have developed a special formula which ensures this doesn’t happen, and fattens fine hair to give amazing thickness.

Supporting hair health is the only long term solution for helping thinning hair without having to resort to surgery. Stimulating the hair with proven hair regrowth products like Minoxidil fits into this part of the protocol.

Alternatively, you can use Nanogen to help maintain the natural balance of hair growth signals whilst also helping protecting follicles from damage. Our Thickening Treatment Serum for men and women contains the highest level of Nanogen growth factors available without consultation, and helps to maintain thick and healthy hair.

The final step in our hair growth protocol is to help those who can’t wait. All hair growth treatments take time to work, but with Nanogen Thickening Hair Fibres available to match a range of hair colours, you can get the instant thick effect from using our concealers and styling products, especially designed for those with thinning hair.

By following our hair growth maintenance protocol step by step we are confident that you will be happy in no time. What’s your favourite product from our hair loss treatment range?