Christmas spirit is in the air, Mariah Carey is on the radio more and more and carol singers are knocking on your door. Your office Christmas party is just around the corner and as you start mentally preparing we thought it wise to give you the essential do’s and dont’s so you can be the talk of the office Christmas party, for all the right reasons.

Dress to impress.

This may be the first time people aren’t seeing you in workwear – make an effort! You’ll feel great and will be ready for the photos which will definitely be put on Facebook. If you’re having a sit-down meal, remember not to wear anything too tight so you aren’t uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. And make sure you wear heels you know you can walk in – don’t let shoes ruin your night!

Don’t talk about work.

Parties are meant to be fun, people! Don’t bore everyone around you with talks of reports and emails. On the other hand, the word ‘party’ may lull you into a false sense of relaxed security. Remember you have to see these people every day! Don’t talk about Brenda from finance behind her back because it will 100% get back to her and you will not be popular in the office on Monday.

Remember: It’s not a club.

Everyone loves free stuff, but just because there’s free alcohol it isn’t an invitation to drink as much as you possibly can. These people are still your co-workers, and you don’t want to be the ‘funny Christmas party story’ people talk about for years to come. Shameful dance moves are also a no go.

Style your hair like it’s a red carpet event.

Don’t let your hair fall flat and let you down! Style your hair with a thickening root boosting spray to give you added volume. Here are a couple of easy styling tutorials which will definitely impress your co-workers.

Easy Up Do:


Twisted Curls:

Talk to everyone.

Office parties are a great excuse to get talking to people you may not know so well. Go and introduce yourself to the new girl who will no doubt be feeling nervous and awkward. Speak to the senior team earlier in the night when you are at your most coherent to save any embarrassment. It will be a great feeling on Monday when you can wave to a few more people on your way in.